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About Marco Chiancianesi

Since 1979, Marco Chiancianesi has dedicated his career to the field of construction. With over 45 years of experience, he has immersed himself in every sector of the industry, incorporating this wealth of knowledge into each new project he undertakes.


  Marco chiancianesi's experience starts in 1979 working in an engineering studio as a cross between a land surveyor and a junior architect, working on projects from around the world 

  Quickly after in 1980 he started work as assistant manager in a large construction firm based in Ticino, following constructions valuing at about CHF 30,000,000, in civil and private projects.

  In 1985 Marco starts work as Director of Operations, in-charging him with large commercial-industrial projects, in this phase of his career he directs and brings to completion operations valuing at around CHF 135,000,000.

  All this experience leads to 1991 when he opens his own company, operating exclusively in the commercial-industrial sector. In this phase he realized important operations valuing around CHF 90,000,000.


  In 2003, realising that the residential market was about to flourish, he started a new company developing residential constructions. Bringing us to the present and having developed, thus far, an estimated value of CHF 450,000,000 of residential constructions.

  Marco's total experience in real estate development has resulted in the successful completion of all his projects, resulting in a total real estate value of CHF 705,000,000 to the Ticino region.


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