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With La Cà Real Estate Developer Services

La Cà is now offering real estate developer services to land owners. This is an exciting opportunity to unlock your land’s potential value. These services includes a thorough analysis of local market, projecting development, licensing, project coordinators, and more. Land owners no longer need to have a background in development in order to successfully engage in this venture. We will work on your behalf to create something truly great and successful on your property. If you are unsure whether you would like to sell or develop your land contact us today!

La Cà

Illuminating Opportunties

A brief overview of our real estate development services, and the phases in starting a new development with us. 

Let us help you realise your financial goals!

Development Phases

Licensing and Planning

Our first step is to understand your vision for your property and your financial goals, once a clear plan is conceived, our office will begin the crucial first steps in planning and licensing a new development. Handling all legal and architectural plans


Pre-sales and Financing Agreement

La Cà will assist (if requested) in obtaining banking finances in contingency with a pre-established pre-sales quota, once bank financing is approved La Cà will connect and form contracts on your behalf (if requested) with trusted and talented real estate professionals, in order to meet established pre-sales quota enabling banking financing and starting construction. 


Starting Construction

La Cà will connect with and form contracts on your behalf (if requested) with reliable construction firms who offer guarrentees on finished work. We only work with firms that can offer rapid service and constructions of quality. 

Green Suburb

Selling your Land

If you're considering selling your property, feel free to reach out to us. We're constantly seeking new opportunities for property development.


+41 91 605 53 40


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