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The Regina Residence

       Immersed in the picturesque and lively municipality of Caslano, the new residential complex will be at the center of a flat and sunny area. With its advantageous location just a few minutes' walk from schools, bus stop, train station, shops, restaurants and essential services, this development strikes the perfect balance between luxurious living comfort and unbeatable affordability. ​


     Residenza Regina, located along the iconic Strada Regina, a street rich in cultural heritage that dates back centuries. This historically significant road was once part of a vital transit route linking the Italian cities of Varese and Luino to Bellinzona, via Monte Ceneri. "Strada Regina" was the term given to the main transit routes during the Middle Ages, testifying to its enduring importance. Although the road has been replaced by the cantonal road since the early 19th century, its legacy remains. Don't miss the opportunity to secure your apartment at Residenza Regina: book your place today!


Floor Plans


Caslano is a charming village nestled in the picturesque region of Ticino, Switzerland. With its idyllic setting on the shores of Lake Lugano, Caslano offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and pristine waters. The village exudes a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a serene getaway. Visitors can explore the narrow streets adorned with historic buildings, visit the impressive Church of San Michele, or wander along the lake promenade lined with cafes and shops. Caslano is also renowned for its enchanting Parco Scherrer, a lush park featuring beautiful gardens, exotic plants, and art installations. Nature lovers and culture enthusiasts alike will find solace in the beauty and tranquility of Caslano.

Caslano, Switzerland

Summer landscape


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