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Castello Residence

  Residenza Castello stands as a remarkable building, situated in the ancient village of Mendrisio, right next to the renowned cantonal library, "La Filanda."


  This characteristic residence enjoys a strategic location, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the city's vibrant atmosphere and make the most of the extensive array of services available. Experience the essence of Mendrisio as you navigate its charming streets, enjoy the cultural offerings, and revel in the convenience and comfort provided by Residenza Castello.

  Welcome to Mendrisio, a captivating town nestled in the southern region of Mendrisiotto, just a stone's throw away from Lugano, Como, and Varese. Here, you can fully embrace the abundant opportunities that this charming city offers within a familiar, healthy, and culturally vibrant environment.

  Mendrisio's picturesque historic core breathes life into the heart of the city, with its enchanting alleyways, ancient edifices, and bustling shopping outlets.

Mendrisio, Switzerland

Summer landscape


+41 91 605 53 40


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